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Kay’s Pastries specializes in designing and creating personalized gift cakes for any celebration. a birthday, christening, anniversary, corporate events or any other special occasion. Visit the Galleries to choose from our range of unique cakes. Kay’s cakes are unique and most of them are vegetable based. These cakes are made by mashing or grating fresh vegetables, therefore eliminating the use of bottled flavors.

Do You Have A Child In The Boarding House You Can’t Reach On Their Special Day?

With prior planning we can still make a Birthday, Graduation, Inter house day or 1st Holy Communion a special event for your child. We will ensure timely and punctual delivery of a cake for your son or daughter. With designs covering every cartoon character and hobby we can create a cake your child can identify with and be thrilled by.

Wouldn’t Your Customer Love to get a personalized cake from Your Company?

At Kay’s we offer customized cakes that carry the unique Logos that are your companies brand and identity. With personalized messages, your customers are assured you hold them in high esteem, be it for birthdays or festive holidays.

Recognize & Value Your Greatest Assets

It is often said that your staff are your greatest assets, you cannot find in the balance sheet. On a personal note, giving customized birthday cakes to your staff gives them a special sense of appreciation and belonging, an assurance that they are indeed part of an organization that cares. We can work with your calendar to deliver cakes as pleasant surprises to your staff on their special days.

To The Children

Our Children cakes will have your kids squealing in delight and excitement for a perfect cake to commemorate their special day. We do a wide variety of designs that cover every single cartoon character ever created and we’ll make your child the talk of the class for a long while to come.
As an alternative to everyday bread Kay’s pastries offers tea cakes like you have never had them before. Our vegetable based cakes will act as the perfect accompaniment for your tea or coffee break and a scrumptious piece to serve a visitor with juice or as an impromptu dessert.


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